Emil Oprisa

source: raquel raclette on unsplash

I’m powerless to aid their plight

I’m powerless to quell their fright

I’m powerless to stem the tide

My leash too short, my collar tight

The chainsaws buzz throughout the night

Trees falling splintered left and right

I want to be their shield and fight

And lift their spirits like a kite

My line’s too short, the rope too tight

For me to conquer any height

I yearn the people would unite

And do that which they know is right

Yet fire rages on tonight

With little hope of end in sight

What once was nature’s brightest light

Humanity has now denied

What grew for centuries with might

Mankind destroyed in a fortnight

My heart is black, my face is white

I’m powerless like an eremite

Yet through my writing a spotlight

So some may see and join my fight

To save the forest from its plight



Emil Oprisa

Emil Oprisa

I enjoy writing on different and varied subjects. I am passionate about exploration, concerned about our planet and mostly critical of our actions.